Ernie can’t seem to keep his eyes open today. I’ll admit I’m not that far behind him though. I haven’t been sleeping well and I woke up today with all sorts of bad dreams lingering a little too long, so I suppose that’s some of it. Ernie went and got a bunch of bloodwork done for Barnes. I let him go by himself but he was utterly exhausted when he got home. Not much time to sit though because we had to take Miss Hattie to the vet. And yet again, it wasn’t until he went looking for the damn cat carrier that we remembered that Owen has it. Oh well. We wrapped the old girl up in a towel and she did ok.

The poor thing is a mess BUT she has gained two, count ’em, TWO pounds. She’s about back to normal cat size. Crossed fingers we can get her past this. Antibiotics, ointment, drops for her ears. I gotta say, I love this cat. She is so stubborn and strong despite her frailty. She is the Polly Voelkl of cats. Much tougher and stronger than anybody realizes.

BTW, I’m now officially obsessed with congee. I really want to have a party and have a congee bar.

That’s all I’ve got. Onward.

One thought on “January 11, 2023

  1. Hattie IS the Polly Voelkl of the cat world!!!!!! No wonder you love her so much!!!💖💖💖💖