The sun outside is taunting me.

Ernie seemed the teensiest bit better yesterday.

Not today.

I’ve spent the day watching my miserable boy, gently nagging him to drink liquids, trying to get him to eat something, anything, handing him a fresh vomit bag when necessary. He has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning about the stent in his kidney but I think I’m going to reschedule it. It’s not as though they are going to want to do surgery to replace it when he’s in this shape. Would they? I don’t know but regardless I am postponing.

This morning, CVS’s automated system told me that his prescription could finally be filled today, no insurance override needed, and would be ready by 3:30. At 3:20 I got a text saying it was out of stock and they would have it by 9 pm tomorrow. I called and got hold of a human. I asked if there were any other CVS locations where we could get it. She said the one on Green Street but she’d have to call to check. Uh, could you call then? She seemed a bit put out. She called me back and it turns out that this pill which is just supposed to be stop his goddamned diarrhea, is considered a controlled fucking substance so it can’t be switched to a different pharmacy. She said they would have it tomorrow. I asked when. She said 1:00 pm.

I’m not getting my hopes up.

Are any CVS pharmacies bigger than others and more likely to have things in stock? I looked at Carle’s pharmacy but I don’t believe they do deliveries (tell me if I’m wrong) and we get SO many prescriptions these days so that comes in handy.

I took about a third of the ornaments off the tree. Perhaps the rest tomorrow? I also spent a few hours reading drug websites and patient forums.

Well. Let’s see…something positive:

Some of my seeds are here. I kept it to a bare minimum this year but good Lord, I’ve got to have nasturtiums and by GOD I’m getting zinnias this year. I ordered early because when was looking at some of my favorite sites, a few things were already sold out.

Seeds. Flowers.


2 thoughts on “January 15, 2022

  1. Maybe we should think about starting the zinnia seeds this year? I’d be up for that. I’d like to lay down some cardboard/or plastic sheeting to help with some weed control before spring gets here.

    gosh, hope Ernie’s feeling a bit better. What a suck with the meds…ugh! Just what you don’t need to have happen.