1. This is what we’re eating these days. Not that I can’t eat something different from Ernie, but generally that seems like too much work. Last night was poached chicken, boiled and peeled potatoes and a few green beans. He ate a couple of bites of chicken and enjoyed the potatoes.


2. Afterward I reminded him I’d gotten Windmill cookies and he perked up at the idea and actually ate one! And good god yes, I did eat one, gluten or no gluten. I adore Windmill cookies, although I will note that I think the pieces of almond used to be bigger.


3. Although we are still delighted with the result of his scans, his daily symptoms and side effects are continuing. It is wearing on him. We’d hoped to see a couple of friends this weekend but he wasn’t up to it. However, our beloved friend Jeanne dropped off the mosts stunning (and delicious) chocolates (top and below) which was a delightful treat.


4. Given how quiet things are here, I’ve been watching far too much tv. I had not watched HGTV in years and years. I ended up watching Farmhouse Fixer with a guy from New Kids on the Block. I kid you not. Good God, it’s SO bad. New England farmhouses, look out, because they are coming to paint all your original woodwork and get rid of your fireplaces. I’m obsessed…watching season two. They don’t seem to differentiate what would be period appropriate in the 18th century vs. 19th century vs 20th century. It makes me absolutely crazy. So, why do I watch it? Damned if I know.

Healthy, much smarter antidote: Cheap Old Houses.

5. Side note: I ended up on Apartment Therapy the other day. I used to sometimes read it even though their overall look was never anything that suited us. MAN, it’s gotten so cheesy. Lots of product links, listsicles and links to HGTV. It also made me realize how incredibly out of touch with current interior design I am no matter what level you are considering. Oh well.

6. Favorite purchase of 2022: a silk pillowcase. It was no fancy, expensive silk pillowcase either. I think it was $16 on Amazon (looks like it’s more now). I love that damn thing. I get really hot at night and I tend to turn my pillow over and over looking for the cool side. With this pillowcase, the other side always feels cool.

7. My other recommendation: Skoon cat litter. We have gone through a lot of cats, and thus, a lot of cat litter. We finally found one that doesn’t seem to get tracked all over the house and keeps the smell down forever. It looks pricy but because it lasts so long it is about the same price as what we were paying at the grocery store. And because it’s shipped on a schedule you choose, you don’t have to think about it.

8. The girl



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