We’re off to St. Louis tomorrow. Straight up and straight back since Ernie’s crazy radiation makes him unable to go out and do anything fun while we are there. This will mark the halfway point for this particular treatment. The last one will be mid June. Who knows about the Keytruda right now, how long he will stay on it. We shall see.

This afternoon Ernie went out to the car and the damn thing wouldn’t start. His brother came by and they got it going. He drove it around to charge it up. Crossed fingers for tomorrow.

Chicken congee for dinner tonight. My congee adventures have been problematic, however. None have matched the first time I made it. I made some last night and forgot it so it cooked too long and is way too thick.

Come on, life, just give me a freaking break.

I tried to thin it out, added peas and spinach, a bit of ginger and some soy sauce. Texture wasn’t perfect but it tasted pretty good.

Gotta remember to stock up my purse for tomorrow.

Feel free to think good thoughts for our trip.