I must admit, the snow was a delightful surprise. I woke up in the night and looked out and saw the porch room below our room covered with snow. I happily snuggled back down under the blankets.

Challenge of the day?


God help me, I can’t yell at the nice pharmacist at Schnuck’s because the CVS website is a nightmare. It is not his fault.

This morning it informed me that I had -6 prescriptions to pick up. Yes, that’s negative 6. Yesterday it told me -2. They also won’t refill a prescription of Ernie’s until they get an insurance override because the doctor upped his dosage mid-stream, so to speak, so now it’s too soon to be refilled. I told the doctor’s office this but they just sent another prescription in which doesn’t solve the problem. I told them that but am not getting a response and honest to God, it doesn’t seem to be working any better than the OTC stuff so hell, I don’t know.

We’re heading in to the Cancer Center this afternoon to get some more fluids in him.

It’s been a hell of a week. Yesterday his hood didn’t come down until late afternoon.

I so appreciate the suggestions about food, etc. Thank you to all and please don’t hesitate to suggest things.

Hattie seems to be feeling pretty good and seems to be healing up. Crossed fingers. I love that little cat and can’t take another loss right now.

I managed to find some Archway Bells and Stars online and ordered them, spending too much money no doubt. We got them but of course now he doesn’t want to eat them.


We got through the week!

We were gloomy and grumpy yesterday. We made it to the Cancer Center and he got his bag of fluids. I think it has perked him up a bit.

The insurance override still hasn’t come through but on Monday they’ll refill his prescription anyway.

I just ordered immodium and pedialyte on Instacart and it was $50. Geesh. Ok, I did sneak a very cheap bottle of wine in there too.

I guess we have to take the ornaments of the tree. We’ll have to wait for Leo to get home to bring the tubs up from the basement. He’s off train hunting. Evidently he was gone for several hours in the night as well, photographing a train with a friend.

Wow. My InstaCart order is already here.

We ended up with Pod Three yesterday, although honestly, it was so quiet it really didn’t matter. Pod Four seemed to be already closed down for the day. We got out of there a bit before five, I think there was just one other person left.

They’ve taken all the Christmas decorations down in the Cancer Center, although the garland around the pillars remains.