We seem to be starting the new year with a bit of a slog.

Eh, what are you doing to do? Just slog on.

I contacted the Cancer Center Tuesday as I was concerned about Ernie. They got him in and gave him fluids and a new medication.

In a stunning turn of events we got Pod Four. It was delightful. It’s quieter and separated from the rest of the suite by a partial wall with a fireplace in it. It ALSO has some more comfortable chairs for the visitors. I did realize on the way that I was wearing a dress normally reserved for at home attire (numerous holes) but I didn’t care.

We were in and out pretty quickly, it was just an hour long infusion. We got home and eventually Leo got home after waiting an hour at CVS for Ernie’s prescription (that had been sent three hours earlier).

Yesterday morning I woke up in such a good mood. Ernie was feeling better and it was Owen’s 21st birthday! My sweet pea–21! We were supposed to all go out to dinner at Fries and Peanuts and Owen would have his first official drink with his father.

It was not to be. Ernie got sicker as the day went on so we had to cancel. Ernie was utterly heartbroken.

This morning I contacted Vasireddy’s office again. They are upping his medication and are going to do some tests. Owen ran to the lab and got the supplies Ernie needed.

My sweet peas. I don’t know what we’d do without them. My babies are good men.

2 thoughts on “New year slog

  1. Good thoughts for good outcomes coming your way! You’ve certainly had a tough road, and it’s impressive how you manage to slog on. Stay strong, as both of you are experts at doing, with the help of those sweet peas.