Needless to say I was giddy with pleasure this morning when I saw the snow. Thank you, weather Gods, I needed that.

Well, we did it. We took the poor girl down. She served us well. I was very sad to see the colored lights go away. I still have clear lights around the house and yard, but the colored lights are gone for now.


We still need to put all the ornaments away in their tubs. That was supposed to happen today but plans evolved….tomorrow, I guess.

I’m so grateful to my little lights outside on the fence and tree for still being there. I haven’t even been talking to them much at all lately. I’m too tired or too something these days. Last night I just opened the window a bit and told them, “Can’t talk. Bad day.” They blinked understandingly and I lowered the window a bit.

Dinner last night? Browned gluten-free gnocchi with asparagus and a bit of pecorino. I was going to add a bit of leftover chicken but Ernie vetoed it. He didn’t eat it all but he enjoyed the asparagus.

I had never tried browning the shelf stable gnocchi without cooking it first. It was delightful!!
Pre-shredded cheese because I need all the help I can get these days.

This morning he had two bananas, a couple of hard boiled eggs and some applesauce. Yay! I was pleased as he continues to lose weight. He’s lost 60 pounds at this point and I just don’t want him losing much more. I asked him what he weighed when we first met and he said 140. One hundred forty pounds and 6’2″. Geez. He was so damned cute.

OMG. This was incredible. “a decadent dark chocolate shell filled with aa blend of soft, buttery caramel and the boldness of fleur de sel.”

We received our Rod Picott calendar. Life is good. My favorite entry of all:

“Lloyd Picott’s F-150 Supercab was piled with Magic Rats for the Who show. The Picott’s waited at McDonalds. 12/16/79.”

That just touches my heart. It makes me remember my father sitting all night in the car while I waited in line for Rush tickets. We just have no idea, as kids, how much we are loved and the ways that parents show it.

Sidenote: still jealous Rod saw the Clash. One of the bands I really wish I’d seen.