Ecstatic is a pretty good word to hear from your oncologist. We saw Vasireddy yesterday and he said he was ecstatic when he saw Ernie’s scans.


Apparently, all tumors have reduced in size which means that both the Keytruda AND the Pluvicto are working. Such a big sigh of relief. Ahhhhhh. I know it doesn’t mean that everything will be smooth sailing but oh what cloud of peace we felt floating over our heads. It may be hard going but it’s a lot easier to deal with if you feel that it is accomplishing something.

Of course we’re still trying to get his side effects under control. I’m guessing the weeks of diarrhea are from the Keytruda but it’s hard to know absolutely because of the dual treatments. Vasireddy decided to hold off on the Keytruda yesterday (man, was that only yesterday?) and instead just gave him a few hours worth of fluids. We were in Pod Three and away from the windows but we didn’t care because we had the word ‘ecstatic’ dancing all around us. We’ll pick up Keytruda again in about a month and see what happens. In the meantime we’ll let Barnes know what is going on.

I didn’t mean to take this shot in this direction. However I’m not sorry as I am somewhat fascinated with how tired I look.


4 thoughts on “Well then.

  1. I bet you two were ecstatic! That’s good news to hear –hopefully you both will get some good sleep for more than a few nights.
    We’ll keep the good thoughts coming! xo