In some ways it was one of our least romantic Valentine’s Days, in other ways it may have been the most romantic yet.

Money’s tight so I said no flowers. We cooked a nice dinner though. Spatchcocked Cornish Game hens with sumac, diced sweet potato roasted in the pan with the hens and Sumac and salad greens just dressed with pan drippings. Honestly, the sweet potato and salad won the plate. Ernie went to drink a toast to us and mistakenly said, “Happy Thanksgiving babe!” Treatment messes with him sometimes, we laughed very, very hard and I said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, I am incredibly THANKFUL for you.”

Even though we don’t watch the Superbowl I get swayed by all the articles about appetizers. We had guacamole and chips for dinner that night. It was delightful. My guacamole is the simplest ever. I have to leave out garlic and onion and I didn’t want too much spice for Ernie and I’m not putting February tomatoes in there so we were left with the essence of guacamole: avocado, salt, and lime juice (feel free to wave to that little Oxford comma).

We have continued our windmill cookie research.

Left to right: Archway, Steenstra’s and Voortman’s

Now, you see Hattie’s face at the top of this post? That’s exactly how I felt when Ernie handed me a cookie from the Steenstra’s package and IT WASN’T A WINDMILL!

There are SIX different types!!! I was beside myself with excitement (Ernie did not seem to get the same thrill from this whole experience).

click on image for more info. I still can’t quite make sense of the owl.

Back to the overall rating: Ernie votes for Archway with Voortman’s a close second. I, obviously, have to go with Steenstra’s, with a nod to Voortman’s for best use of full size almond slices. Fortunately, as my friend Jeanne assured me, windmill cookies’ gluten doesn’t count.

Last but not least. One of the times Ernie was in the hospital I missed him so much that I ordered a Record Store scented candle. I know, I know. Anyway, it of course does not smell like a record store. In fact it smells vaguely like some kind of cheap men’s cologne. I will admit to knowing more than my fair share of record store boys and generally speaking…not so much the cologne type. It amused me though and I am fond of it because every time I look at it I think about how much I missed Ernie.

And with that…onward.

One thought on “Random pictures from the Sandwich Life: February 15, 2023

  1. It sounds like a very romantic day!!!!!! As for Hattie, I can just hear her, “What? You’re bothering me!!!”😂😂😂