The last of our kids is 21 years old. Ok, Sophie is not technically our kid but she and her parents have certainly become our family. Ann and I met when we were both newly pregnant and starting a new job. The job we met at was memorable in uh, both good and bad ways, BUT we made some really wonderful friends from that period of our life.

Owen turned 21 in January, Trinity earlier this month, and now Sophie. Leo and Tal are a couple of years ahead of them. Just amazing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships of late. The way they change, evolve and sometimes end. One slightly unexpected pleasure of late has been becoming friends with the adult children of friends, and watching my boys do the same. It is an utter joy.

Happy birthday, Sophie, with all our love.

Oh, and the song is one of my favorites by Aaron Lee Tasjan. Dime off the amazing Silver Tears album. It’s always sounded like a defiant, but not angry, expression of self worth. It seemed appropriate. ❤️

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