Last night Ernie got a voice mail from Health Alliance saying they had denied his radiation. As much as I know these things seem to always get worked out, it’s not so great for his blood pressure or mine.

Barnes was on top of it though and called him this morning. Evidently he needs another PMSA scan to be approved for the remaining rounds of Pluvicto, the previous one is too old. Of course the only the day they had available for the scan in St. Louis is the same day he’s scheduled for treatment here so that all had to be rearranged. Now I just have to redo my calendar. Appointments seem to be constantly rescheduled or added so it’s stupidly big task to keep our calendar accurate.

Woke up today to the sad news that Roger Blakley had passed. I have been missing Ceal fiercely of late, maybe this is why. I am so grateful for their friendship. They were a powerful force. We were truly fortunate to have them in our lives. It didn’t seem right for Roger to still be here without Ceal, so on that level I am relieved. Much love to their families and the oh so many that loved them, were taught by them and laughed with them.

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