I slept 12 hours last night (with numerous intermittent wakings to let Hattie get under the blankets), suffice to say I was a bit tired. It was also on the living room couch. After this treatment we’re supposed to sleep in separate beds for awhile because my baby is radioactive. He’s not supposed to be next to pets or small children for long periods of time for a week as well. Hattie is ignoring this advice and honest to god…if she gets a little radiation, so be it. The girl is almost 20 years old, she can handle it. That girl can handle anything. My view from the couch.

Yesterday was fine, but it did feel like a long day. First and foremost—the car started with no problem. Big sigh of relief, although much love to those who offered to drive us if need be. We got to Barnes no problem. Ernie had a bad dizzy spell when he headed in for his treatment. They popped him in a wheel chair and checked him out. They suggested that he get fluids there but he really wanted to head home so he agreed to get them here. Of course there I was with my walker so the radiation tech had to push Ernie out and stand and wait for for our car from valet parking. I told Ernie that the day we both have walkers is the day…well, hell, I don’t know…

They didn’t want him to drive so I drove home. This threw off our time tested driver/navigator arrangement so I missed 70. I just went ahead and followed 55 up to Springfield and then east along 72. I gotta say, it was a much quieter, calmer drive and the same amount of time so that was a pleasant little treat.

We got home around 5:30 and collapsed. I don’t know why it’s so exhausting. It was a rough day for Ernie. There’s an element of PTSD when you’re dealing with long term cancer and there have been so many ups and downs along the way. Ernie doesn’t realize how strong he is and how much I admire him. My sweet pea. My utterly beloved sweet pea.

Our friend Barb texted as we drove and arranged to bring us dinner (and some wine!) when we got home. Such sweet relief. We are so blessed, not a word I toss around lightly.

We headed back to the Cancer Center today. I had kinda hoped the’d schedule it for tomorrow but it’s good we got it done today. Pod two and one of the worst spots but it was only an hour infusion and these usually make him feel better so I’m not complaining.

Now, we’re home and relaxing. Another friend is bringing dinner over.

Thanks to all that checked in on us and all of you that continue to think of us and support us. The kind words and deeds mean more than I can say. We have learned so much about goodness along this journey and we hope to continue to pass it on whenever we can.


Side note: As we were sitting and waiting for the valet to bring our car Ernie said, “I have a Linda Thompson song in my head.” I said, “Yeah, I can hear it.” Then I paused and said, “Wait a minute…you must have been humming because I don’t think I can ACTUALLY hear what’s in your head. Give it time though…”

Yeah, the production is dated, but a great album. Should have been a freaking hit.