We had humans in our house! Real live actual humans! Ann and Bob came by and visited on Friday and it did us SO much good. Leo did point out that in reality, he and his father were also humans but I just laughed at him. He hung out with us too and it was just heavenly.

Ann helped me think about how to rearrange my living room which made me happy. Our living room is a very narrow rectangle complete with three windows, one fireplace, one wide entry to dining room and a staircase. It just doesn’t really give one all that many options.

The next day I asked Leo to come down and help Ernie move the blanket chest. He stayed downstairs for a couple of hours moving things around for us and giving suggestions. It was delightful. I must remember to tell Tal how great he was at all of it!

As I write, it is just me and Hattie in the house. Yes, I am all alone (sorry, Hattie). In just one more in a long line of kind gestures and support, Bob is driving Ernie to St. Louis today. I would have been perfectly able to go with him but I gotta say….the thought of a day alone just nipped at my heels until I asked Bob. I think he’d already offered but of course I said no but damn….I’m so glad I weakened. It will be nice for Ernie to have some time with someone other than me as well. What am I doing with my day? Well, I’m getting some odds and ends done online, finished my breakfast of popcorn (thank you so much Teri, for the visit, the conversation and the popcorn–more humans!) and I’m trying to reassure Hattie that Ernie will come back home. It feels wonderful.

Thoughts on angling a couch? Leo says no. I’m on the fence.

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