Well, THAT was a hell of a morning with tornadoes left and tornadoes right. A tornado reportedly touched down at Staley Road and I-72 and that is WAY too close for comfort. Ok, I looked it up in Google Maps and it’s about 2 1/2 miles from here. Still…too close. It was a tense morning for a bit there.

Every year I am astounded by the beauty of the simple little crocus. They capture the light in a special way. I suppose it knows what we need.

I guess we have rabbits to thank for this? I’ve never noticed nibbled down crocuses before. I hope they were tasty.

You’ll see that Heather’s fennel/orange salad is the gift that just keeps giving and no, we obvously do not mind leftovers a bit. This salad holds up SO well. Ernie had expressed a desire for my curried oven-fried chicken so that’s what was for dinner. We recently had a longer conversation about tater tots than you would think reasonable so we had bought a bag of tater tots. At the half hour mark I flung them into the roasting pan with the chicken because it seemed easiest. Ok, I really shouldn’t do that as they sucked up all that glorious curried chicken fat and got crispy, but good god they tasted outrageously delicious. I gotta say, I think the tater tots won the plate. Salad close second.

Our friends came by yesterday with wine and treats and dragged us out to the front yard. Thank you, Teri and Brian, it was just what we needed.


2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Yes, it probably is rabbits eating the crocus. Deer usually leave them alone. Of course, groundhogs will pretty much eat anything too.