Dinner last night. I continue to be pork chop impaired in terms of Instacart shopping. I didn’t realize these were boneless when I bought them. I just dredged them in a bit of cornstarch with salt and pepper and quickly seared them. Then a handful or two of salad greens dressed with just olive oil and salt and lots of Heather’s fennel/orange salad. It took no time and tasted so nice and fresh.

Ok, bad picture of the leftovers in the pan, but this was really good. I’d had a fail with gnocchi, asparagus and bay scallops last week and was disappointed by a seeming waste of asparagus. So, I tried again. I cut three strips of bacon into small pieces, crisped them up, then browned the gnocchi and tossed in the asparagus. I poured a dash of my glass of wine in the pan and covered it for a few minutes so the asparagus would steam a bit. Grated parmesan on top. It was pretty damn good.

I’m leaning toward keeping the couch at an angle. I still have to figure out lamp shades and maybe a rug. It’s making me happy.

One more post from my own personal Peter Cooper memorial. Thanks to Van for recording this. I think it’s from the first time they played here. There’s a terrible hiss from the PA. We eventually got that sorted out but it’s worth a listen.

Love you always and forever, Peter Cooper.

Ernie seems to be doing ok today and it’s going to be warm out so maybe we’ll venture outside. That’s all I got. Hope it’s a good Sunday for all.


Top photo of Thomm Jutz, Peter Cooper and Eric Brace the last time they played here.