The other night I was lying in bed reading. It was pouring rain and I started to hear what sounded like thunder. It went on and on and it made me think of the time I heard what sounded like rolling thunder and turned out to be the tornado that went north of us and hit Gifford. Then I realized that the next morning was trash day and people were taking out their trash and recycling.

Perspective, perspective, perspective.

It’s bright and sunny out today but Ernie is not having a great day. It’s never a good sign when his hood is still up mid morning (and yet, he looks adorable).

Somehow, not feeling well is more insulting on a sunny day.

On a different note, I’ve been watching way too many design shows. I started thinking it WOULD be reasonable to have an open dining room/kitchen. Then I walked into our kitchen, looked at the mess on the counters and laughed loudly.

Oh, and for GOD’S sake…why do people keep putting fake beams up in little vernacular houses?? What the hell?

I have started thinking my media room would be nice in a dark grey.

I gotta stop watching.

Yeah, that wind was quite something the other day. Sigh. I knew it was not long for the world but…
It was supposed to be sort of cacio e pepe with spinach….forgot the pepper, heh. It was still really good.
Most mornings, Hattie comes and takes Ernie’s spot after he gets up.
I came across this photo from an old family vacation. I always loved that feeling of having the whole family, the people most important in my world, all in one room. I’d wake in the night and be able to know that all was right in my world. Here is Ernie, always the first one up and dressed and Owen, who, needless to see, was not.

Ok. Onward.