I gotta say. I try not to complain but the last two days have been long. I don’t know why sitting for so many hours is so damn tiring.

Day one: Wednesday we got there at 7:45 am and home about 3:30 pm. Our beloved neighbor Barb brought us dinner which was perfect. Leo regaled us with tales of his trip and the Pendulum show. Then Owen sent us this video. I’ve been nagging him to try the bottle of chili crisp that I put in his Christmas stocking. It was supposed to be a little jar but eh, I don’t know, the vagaries of internet shopping turned it into a giant jar. Needless to say, our boys made us feel better but we were still very happy to climb upstairs and collapse.

Day two. Got to the cancer center at 7:45 am again. We settled into Pod Three. Oh, also, we heard a rumor that Pod Four is for VIPs and that’s why we rarely get it. Damned if I know. Anyway, they got him going right away. Benedryl so the platelets don’t give him hives again. Then four bottles of IVIG (about 5 1/2 hours) and then platelets (hour-hour and a half). Evidently it was the biggest bag of platelets anyone had seen. Then we had to wait an hour for them to pull blood from his port. One nice squirt of blood and we were out of there.

It. Was. Long.

Not bad, just long. Everybody was kind. When I dozed off with my head against a column someone brought me a pillow, which helped. It’s a relatively comfortable chair it’s just a long freaking day. There was one lone person left in the infusion suite when we wobbled our way out of there close to 5:30 pm. We went down to the valet parking area. It was closed of course so we had to call security so they could come get our car keys. They had already pulled our car into the circle. I don’t know what we’d do without the valet parking folks–even the grumpy guy. There was a brief moment when the security guy said he didn’t see our keys and didn’t have a key to the other cabinet. I froze for a second but he found them and off we went in the cold rain.

Finally. Home.

See those feet on the left? That is someone sitting in my favorite waiting room chair.
The view from my chair if I twisted my head around to look.
my sweet pea
Looking as tired as I feel
No gluten free snacks in the infusion suite’s snack tray but I snagged an apple. I also admired the fancy stand Ernie’s infusions had. Like a little white zinnia.
The bag of endless platelets (thank you platelet donor) that seemed as though it would never empty.
The chair where I sat from 7:45 am to about 5:30 pm.
the dreariness did not help the mood
Waiting for security to come and get our car key because the valet parking was all closed up
Got home and found the letter saying that Health Alliance had agreed to let Ernie continue treatment after all. Of course the approval date is only until June 2 and his last radiation is June 15 but one step at a time.

Not pictured: wine (for me), gatorade (for Ernie) and frozen pizza. Then sleep.