Oh good god, I just wrestled a wrapped up Hattie trying to clean her up and get her anal glands emptied, one of which has burst. I think this was the most disgusting episode yet. I actually gagged, right in poor Ernie’s face as he was the one trying to hold her. I know she needs more clean up but we took off for our separate corners.

This may be why Leo hates cats.

Note: he did not hate Bob.

Whew. I’m trying to shake the smell out of my nose. Every time I think I have Hattie in a good routine I find that I am, well, wrong. Sigh. My poor girl. My poor, ancient little girl.


Yesterday I gave Owen Judi’s Buddha statue which has been sitting in our living room since she passed. It’s funny, I don’t think I would have done that even six months ago but it somehow seemed right. Owen was always the one that I figured it would go to. He is my sweet spiritual one. He has the Buddha necklace she always used to wear as well. I think Judi would be pleased.

It’s part of the Great Living Room Rearrange of 2023. The next step is moving the cupboard that is at the foot of the stairs (where the Buddha has been perched. Note: Diana, I think my parents bought that cupboard from Joanne Boardman at a Fox Valley show years ago for my sister) to the other side of the room where the black blanket chest (it is now in front of the stairs). Hopefully the boys will do it on Saturday. I think last time we moved it I only emptied the top part of the cupboard. We shall see. Cross your fingers.

One night after one of the trips to Barnes, I was sleeping on the couch, as I’m supposed for three nights after his radiation, and he was probably dozing in front of the tv in the media room. When he sleepily headed up the stairs he remembered he still needed some of his pills. Somehow he backed up or fell or something and the whole cupboard rocked back and forth. It sounded like breaking glass. I woke up screaming and Leo came racing down the stairs. It took a few minutes for us all to calm down. Leo picked up the pillar molded bar bottle that had fallen from the top of the cupboard to our wooden floor. Perfect. Not a chip or crack. Ok, the thing is, I never opened the cupboard to check on the glass in there. I was afraid to. It’s pretty much mostly flint goblets in there. When Owen was over yesterday we were recounting the story. We begged him to go check. He very cautiously opened the cupboard and it all seems to be ok. Hopefully it will make the move without a problem. Can we hear it for pillar molded glass? ❤️

Once the cupboard is moved the shelves we picked up at Ikea the other day will go at the foot of the stairs as a regional outpost of records. I wish I had a spot I could move the jukebox but I just don’t. I think this will work though, and it creates a little music office for Ernie at that end of the room.

I may have to do some rearranging of wall things. I’m not sure the big record will fit over the shelves. Should the big record go by the big guitar? Hmmmm.

Change of topic: last night we had some chicken wings left we needed to cook. We didn’t follow the recipe as closely this time so they weren’t QUITE as good but still turned out pretty well. I planned to make green beans only to find my giant bag of green beans (weird Instacart substitution) had gotten slimy. DAMN IT. However I found I still had some beautiful asparagus so threw it in a skillet and steamed it. Ernie tends to like wings pure, without sauce. I wanted something on the side though. I decided to make a mayonnaise based dipping sauce. I thought I had a can of chipotles. Then that seemed like too much work. Turned out I was out of chipotle powder. In the refrigerator I found a opened jar of peppadew peppers. I poured a couple of tablespoons of the brine into the mayo, added a dash of honey, salt and pepper. It was utterly delicious with the wings and asparagus. It just brought it all together. Gotta remember this next time I make a dinner of disparate things that don’t seem connected.

I did not have a pretty little ramekin so went with the ancient kid’s Ikea bowl instead.

Ernie’s having a much better day today. Yesterday was not great. Oh, and have I mentioned that his hair seemed to be straightening out a bit post chemo?

Ok. Enough rambling.


Listening to: Profiles in Courage, Frailty and Discomfort