1. The other day I got a call from Carle. It was an automated call and it said, “We need to speak to Cynthia V-O-E-L-K-L”. I’ve never had them spell out my last name..usually they make a half hearted attempt. They went on, “If you are Cynthia V-O-E-L-K-L, please press one.” So I obediently pressed one and it said, “That is not a valid option. We need to speak to Cynthia V-O-E-L-K-L. If you are Cynthia V-O-E-L-K-L, please press one.” So I pressed one again, making sure that my phone indeed registered a one. It said, “That is not a valid option. We need to speak to Cynthia V-O-E-L-K-L” and disconnected. I have no freaking idea. No message in MyCarle. shrug

2. I finally called Carle last Friday to make a couple of appointments for myself that I’d been putting off. I sat on hold for over 20 minutes. Someone finally came on and I started to say, “I need to make an appointment with…” and the call ended. I had to call again. However, although I had to wait again I got an appointment for the following Monday. I was shocked. Then I called a different place and they gave me an appointment in a week. I should have gone and bought a lottery ticket.

3. On Monday I went and got shots in my knees. They do help but sometimes take a while to kick in. This seemed to kick in pretty fast, complete with me getting hives after the shot which I’ve never done before and having a sleepless night. Not complaining, just unusual for me. But I like the PA I see so much I’d go every three months just to chat with him. Now I have to go next Monday and see a doctor I hate. Eh. You do what you have to.

4. Ernie and just made a batch of what we’re calling sweet potato chili because turns out we didn’t have near as many vegetables as I thought we did. It will still be good and I’ve got a few frozen vegetables to stir in once its cooked a bit. We’ve been putting this off. I was afraid the ground beef would be bad but it was fine. It took us no time and I wondered why the hell we put it off. Right now it’s just ground beef, crushed tomatoes, diced jalapeño and a ton of grated sweet potato, along with cayenne, cumin, ancho chili powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Sadly I am out of oregano. Later I’ll add some corn and broccoli and raw fennel. It should be good. By all rights we should save it for tomorrow night as it would be better then, but we’ll see. Right now the colors are just shockingly beautiful on this gray day.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Chuck is back! Leo came home for lunch the other day, grinned at Ernie and said, “Your groundhog or whatever is out there.” Ernie rushed to the window and promptly got really dizzy but hung on to the windowsill looking for Chuck. Leo was upstairs by that point but he came back downstairs to point out where Chuck was. Those boys do love their dad. Chuck was out and about today as well. He lives next door but he comes over to visit now and then. Life may be damned hard but there are pretty great moments.


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Top photo: sometime us old ladies hang out and chat.

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