Well, it appears that Leo’s trip home is not going as smoothly as the rest of the trip. They cancelled his flight and he wasn’t able to make the other option. He ended up flying out to Charlotte, NC and still has to figure out his connecting flight to O’Hare. So he’ll probably get in late and Owen’s picking him up and has to get up at 5:30 in the morning so it’s not ideal. We have to be up early for an infusion so we can’t do it. It will all work out one way or the other and I can’t wait to hug him.

We (well, actually just Ernie) have a four hour infusion tomorrow and a three hour one the following day. And so the week goes. Next week is St. Louis again.

In our most exciting news…we went for a drive! Crazy, I know. It felt wonderful to get out of the house. We wandered up toward Watseka and meandered a bit.

I was struck by this truly beautiful church in, well, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

There was a roadhouse that was packed just around the corner.

I kept thinking I was seeing birch trees. It was just the snow coated on the trees from that ferocious storm.

Cross your fingers for Leo’s travels.