Sometimes you just want a tater tot. We never had tater tots when I was a kid. I always looked enviously at the kids who got hot lunch at school on the days they got tater tots. I remember the odd shade of green of those plastic molded trays and that lunchroom smell. We never buy tater tots but we did a while back. We tossed some in the pan with a roast chicken and they were decadently good as they got all chicken-y. Last night when we pondered dinner we thought perhaps pasta and vegetables but then one of us, I think Ernie, suggested tater tots. We got all giggly and decided on tater tots and asparagus.

I gotta say, it was delightful. I almost overdid the tater tots but I like them super crispy. Then we cooked some asparagus and sprinkled feta cheese and green onions (green part only for me) all over them. Stupidly good. The green onions really made it. I probably should have added a bit of lemon juice or something but it was still great. Despite the tater tots it felt like a light meal (well, until I ate one too many tots). What about killed me however was how salty the tater tots are. Are there low sodium tater tots? Well, it’s not something we will normally buy but it was a fun little treat. This morning? You know me…it was leftovers with scrambled eggs.

Ernie has been feeling much better. Hopefully that means his platelets are bubbling along in better shape as well. We don’t go back to Barnes until mmm…first week of May I believe. He’ll start back on Keytruda before that however. AND, just to add a little fun he has to have the stent in his kidney replaced next week. It is a simple procedure and should be no problem but I hate it because it’s in the operating room and so you have to deal with anesthesia, the waiting room and back and forth and carting his clothes around, etc. It will be good to have it done so we don’t have to worry about it for a bit.

Amazingly, Hattie just keeps on Hattie-ing. She’s a tough one, that girl. She has taken quite a shine to the newly available Ernie but at heart she is still my girl.


Top photo: the glass is all clean and finally returned to its home.

2 thoughts on “Of glass and tater tots

  1. Tater tots for breakfast is sort of a religion or some sort of sacred something, I think. The cabinet looks great there.