Happy birthday to my always beloved David Olney. Isn’t it funny the way certain people just stick to your soul? I can’t explain it, but there he sits.

Here is the first song David played at our house. People had no idea what to expect and he just wrapped them around his finger. It was glorious.

Then before he ended the set, he did Lamp Shades. Heh.

God, I loved him. I loved that spark in his eye.

We desperately wanted to go down to be at Brown’s Diner in Nashville tomorrow night. It will be a wonderful celebration of Olney’s songs by folks that knew, loved and played with him. We send our love and will be there in spirit.

Here’s the last song he played at our house. I remember watching him sing and thinking that we HAD to have him back soon.

Love you to the end of time, David.

Happy birthday with love.

Here’s a link to a playlist of some other videos of David at our house.

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