Given that Ernie’s treatments are on hold, our schedule kinda opened up. We were planning to stop to pick up something at the St. Louis Ikea next time we were at Barnes (supposed to have been tomorrow) so instead we lumbered on up to the Ikea in Bolingbrook. So simple. You park, text and they bring your order out to you and help you load it.

We took back roads most of the way up. I must take my beloved friend Mary to task, she had told me there was nothing of note in Herscher. Ha! First look at that lovely 19th century frame building up above and then at the beauties below.

Gorgeous old limestone buildings.
Look. Another little building to add to my collection!
Beautiful limestone facades. It’s fascinating to me how regional differences occur even over relatively short distances.

I must admit we absolutely sped through Herscher because I had just realized that my laissez-faire attitude toward our route had put us dangerously behind schedule for our Ikea pickup. I don’t know what I thought they’d do–lock away our order that we had already paid for, but I am at heart, a good girl, so off we raced. We will do more wandering around there in the future.

I’m rather pleased that I was able to get some stains off this little candle stand. I googled a bit and found that Bob Vila said mayonnaise would work. And it did. I was tickled. It needs a bit more work but it made me happy.

This was an ok dinner. I mean, the salmon and green beans were both good but I kinda failed. I was going to try to make a glaze for the salmon but nothing sounded right so I skipped it. I decided to fancy up my green beans a bit and toasted some sliced almonds and lemon zest in a bit of olive oil. Of courses I burned as I always do with nuts. I halfhearted scaattered a few almonds on top. Ok dinner, just not great.
This was another meal that was eh. I forget what night it was but we were super tired. I roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and sliced smoked sausage on a sheet pan with olive oil and thyme. It really needed a vinaigrette or something to tie it all together. Although I knew that, I just served it as is. Eh.
Ok, this actually turned out to be very good. Ground beef with soy sauce, sesame oil, a bit of maple syrup, red pepper flakes with carrots and spinach. I forgot the broccoli. Good and quick and simple.
So good!! Browned a little butter, seared the gnocchi and tossed asparagus and some frozen peas in the pan. After just a few minutes, added parmesan and served. A winner. Oh, oh, oh, I forgot, I added just a little bit of turmeric to the butter.


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  1. Leiser Furniture. My memory of the Leisers is that they kept their Christmas tree up in the front picture window of their house year round for multiple years (and they are Jewish)