Some of the goblets have been used recently and thus washed, but a lot of this has been sitting far too long and needs a wash before it goes back into the cupboard. Periodically I make cloved oranges at Christmas. When they get too dried out I just pop them in a cupboard. It smells so good when I open the cupboard door.
We attempted just emptying the top of the cupboard before moving it because I think that’s what we did the last time we moved it. It was way too heavy. All my Buffalo Pottery blue willow is down there. So we emptied out the bottom of the cupboard, using all available surfaces.
We’ve decided it’s only fitting to have the big record by the big guitar so it will go in the dining room.
I love this cupboard
The beginning of Ernie’s musical outpost for current play vinyl (the rest…several thousand…are sadly in the basement)
still messy but getting there

We’re not all the way there yet but great progress was made. Leo was a champ and did the lion’s share of the work. I still need to figure out lighting for that black shelf on the left. I had some battery operated lights but they just don’t last long. Oh, and I need to find a better spot for my eagle. Lots to do. Lots to think about, as always.

On to glass washing!

Watching: Top Gun Maverick (I know, I’m surprised too)

Top photo: Ernie finds the turquoise radio still works!