I haven’t written in a couple of days. Let’s see…

We watched the ACM awards on Thursday night. The report? Yes, I still love Jelly Roll. God love Dolly Parton, and I do, but honestly she’s really not that great at hosting. Of course it doesn’t matter, she’s Dolly. Garth Brooks, on the other hand, who is not particularly a favorite of mine (although there are a few songs I like) actually was pretty good and wasn’t quite as drippily, overly sincere and earnest as he can be. I guess it was a package deal as Trisha Yearwood was all over the place too. She sounded fantastic and looked great. She has always had great taste in songs. I hung out with her a bit a couple of nights in Chicago many, many years ago and have always had a soft spot for her.

On Friday, my beloved friend and old college roommate Jeanne was in town for her daughter’s graduation. Since Ernie was feeling so perky we cooked dinner. Well, I gotta say, Ernie did most of the work. It was so wonderful and did my heart good to have them all here. Here we are: Jeanne in front of Ernie as well as her lovely husband, Joel, sister Kate and the absolutely gorgeous Nora. I love them all.

Saturday we got up and headed to O’Hare to pick up Leo and Tal. As we got there I commented on how easy and well marked it was these days. We were a bit early, they were still in customs, so we attempted to circle and made a wrong turn. Suddenly it WASN’T well marked and easy. But we eventually figured it out and I was SO happy to see my salt and pepper shakers again.

Yesterday was just about a perfect day. I heard from Owen and Trinity early, the weather was lovely and then Leo took us to lunch at Fries and Peanuts. We haven’t been in ages and it just felt so good. I can’t believe I didn’t photo document us all together. Oh, and how delightful is it that Fries and Peanuts has purple allium in the planters on their patio?

Later in the day a visit…even Daisy! All my loved ones in one place, with me, just couldn’t have been more perfect.

It was a keeper of a weekend.


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. It sounds like you’re in a really good place! One of these days Sugar and yours truly will have to make a trip to Chicago to visit. I have so many good memories of our years there and your wonderful parents….and you guys to. You and Ernie were just “kids” …not even married yet! I still remember you and Ernie telling us about when the Mormons came to your house to officially “kick” him out of the religion. OYE!!!! Guess I’m rambling a bit. Take care of yourselves.
    Your “much older” cousin
    Linda (Voelkl )
    Took my name back after my divorce
    Have a great day!