I beg you, do not EVER let me eat horseradish cheddar cheese potato chips again because as delicious as they were (I love horseradish) they almost killed me. Ok, that’s a bit extreme but they really knocked me and my stomach out for a good day or so. Who is to blame for this? Why, ME! I looked at the ingredients, I knew there was garlic and onion. Sigh, I know better but it was a gloomy Sunday afternoon and I was curled up watching the David Johansen documentary and horseradish reminds me of Ceal. So. Yeah. Upon rising the next morning I promptly made Ernie throw the rest out and spent a good part of yesterday huddled on the couch.

The Johansen doc though? Ohhhhh, MAN is it good. I just utterly loved every second. I grinned through the whole thing. Ernie liked it but not quite as much as I did. I think it’s brilliant. At one point Johansen reminded me of Olney (the curiosity and intelligance), another time of Cab Calloway (the innate performer). I’ll put him on my list of folks I’d like to have over for dinner. Highly recommended and you can do a free preview of Showtime for 10 days or something like that if you don’t have it (note to self: don’t forget to cancel). It’s both hard to believe and also very easy to believe that he is the last of the New York Dolls.

I loved it.

That’s L.U.V.

When I was about 12 I got a radio as a Christmas gift. It was just the right size to rest on the towel rack in the bathroom when I took a shower. The two songs I remember most from that period are Rikki Don’t Lose That Number and Sundown. Either one of those songs brings me right back to being 12 years old.

I was sorry to hear Gordon Lightfoot passed. Ernie was a huge fan of his. He and Owen saw him last year at the Virginia. I think the show was rescheduled something like three times between his health and the pandemic. I’m glad it finally happened and that my two boys were there.

So, one Doll standing and Lightfoot is gone. But the seasons keep changing and spring flowers are blooming. The passage of time of time becomes more and more fascinating to me the older I get.

Off to St. Louis tomorrow.


Top photo: Ernie’s beloved tree peony