What a lovely weekend it was. Weather wise (oh, wait, Friday was rainy I guess) but mostly people wise.

Saturday I wimped out and didn’t go to see our beloved Michael Coulter’s artwork at the inimitable Loose Cobra. My legs and back were just not in the best of form. However, my beloved didn’t once waffle about not going, despite me not going, which pleased me greatly.

I just realized this is us at the Iowa Falls Popcorn Stand. Now I love it more than ever!

Sunday we ventured out to the Rosebowl to see dear friend Jay Rosenstein play. Every time he plays I plan to go and I just never do. I’m an idiot. Lord, he sounded wonderful and it felt so good to be out. Sitting under the Rosebowl tent, a glass of wine for me, some NA beer for Ernie, seeing so many friends and experiencing wonderful live music. Ahh. Truly doesn’t get much better. Thanks, Jay. ❤️


Oh, oh, oh, and by the way, this morning Ernie saw Mrs. Chuck leading a string of chucklings across the yard next door. Life IS good. And Buster II seems to recovering from the woodchuck assault!

Top photo: Woke Mountain Boys (Jay Rosenstein, John Tubbs and Sean Kutzko) at the Rosebowl. Photos of Ernie, Coulter and Jimmy stolen from Teri McCarthy!

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