The time off from treatment really did Ernie good as much as it made me worry. As I attempted to explain to Vasireddy last time I saw him, silly Ernie is back. Goofy Ernie is back. I didn’t even realize how much I missed him.

Last night as I was crisping up some gnocchi he somehow ended up doing his Bobby Darin tossing his mic imitation in the kitchen. I have no idea why. As I told a friend last night, sometimes I think I should just follow him around recording.

Damn but I love him.

Ernie recently gave me a trophy for hitting Queen Bee status in the New York Times spelling bee game. It’s small, but beautiful. It came with his model car kit.

Here’s the 1930’s bassinet that was for my uncle that I want to get rid of but can’t quite get there. It would be so cute as a planter. When the legs are folded up it would work as nice basket for kid’s toys or something. I just can’t find a place for it and all the men in the family keep complaining about it taking up space. I just don’t know.

I’m always happy when the poppies bloom. We took these from my folks’ yard in Urbana. I’m never quite sure if they like their spot but we get a few every year.

Ernie said he took a picture of the poppy buds ‘to encourage them.’ By the way, he’s already had a Chuck sighting today so things are good.

I don’t know where this little pink columbine came from but welcome little columbine, welcome.

That’s all for now.