I forgot to mention that yesterday at the cancer center in St. Louis, as I was sitting in the waiting room, Ernie texted to tell me that the nurse/tech had asked if he was a musician. That’s my boy. He’s still got it.

Nothing new to say about how much I miss my sister Judi but I came across this picture and thought I would share it. We’re outside Stumphouse Tunnel in South Carolina. It seems like a million years ago. Maybe it was.

Ok, last time I made gnocchi it was a bit of a disaster. And when I say ‘made,’ I mean ‘took it out of a box.’ However, I learned my lesson and browned these little guys much longer in some butter and red pepper flakes until they were beautiful and crispy. Then I dumped in a container of spinach/greens and tossed it all til they wilted. Some parmesan mixed in and a bit on top. Stellar meal and it took about 15 minutes. And I don’t mean 15 minutes like so many recipes say and actually take at least 30 minutes or more…I mean 15 minutes. And it had a ton of greens.

This was from a day I wasn’t feeling great so I couldn’t eat much of the seared pork chop but the lemon/turmeric rice with asparagus was soothing and good for breakfast in the morning to boot.


Top photo: a study of dust and decay right in my own damn house!