Ok, so our attempt at a photo through the screen was somewhat unsuccessful but those little guys move fast. That is looking out our kitchen window to the patio (and Buster II).

Now…..this puts the attempted destruction of Buster II in a WHOLE new light. Was it Chuck or a chuckling? Ernie has put an enclosure around Buster II. Hopefully he wasn’t too damaged.

But just the same: CHUCKLINGS! I swear that’s what they’re called, I’m not making it up, although Tal didn’t believe me at first. Heh.

Chucklings. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be known as a chuckling?

This begs the question of whether they are Chuck’s and if so, is Chuck their mother or father? Reportedly woodchuck fathers are not involved with their upbringing. Ernie saw another woodchuck smaller than Chuck but bigger than the chucklings so perhaps that’s the mom.

Oh, and I do realize we shouldn’t be trying to lure woodchucks to our house but SOMEBODY (and it wasn’t me) did put a plate of leftover vegetables on the patio and reported back to me this morning that most had been eaten.

I can’t believe how fast the peonies go by. I use the word ‘fleeting’ all the time lately because I can’t believe how fleeting life is. I never could have imagine how fleeting raising two little boys could be. I can only imagine a mother woodchuck thinks the same about her chucklings.

Speaking of peonies, yesterday Leo and Tal went out to Allerton. It made me so happy because Allerton (officially known as the Park With No Toys) has long been a favorite family spot. We started taking the boys out there when Ernie was recovering from his prostatectomy back in 2004. Wow, they really were babies.

Chucklings and boys. Fleeting.