Oh man. It felt like lots of doctor appointments this week. Gotta admit I’m feeling a tad worn out this morning. Iced tea and leftover pizza is helping but there may be a nap in my future.

Thursday afternoon I went to my doctor appointment despite not wanting to. Thank you to Ben, Heather and Ann for nagging me. Truly. I was glad I went. I think the fact that I fell in the house made the doctor’s office take this a bit more seriously. I’m going to have another MRI (yuck) to compare to last year’s results and will also see a neurologist to make sure that these symptoms are indeed from my back and not caused by something else. After the appointment we went to Sidney Dairy Barn for an ice cream cone. It felt good to drive in the country a bit and go somewhere besides Carle. And it’s always fun to see Ernie with an ice cream cone. I don’t know why, but it just is. My beautiful boy.

Friday morning, we headed off to my Physical Therapy appointment. I’m seeing a therapist I saw previously and I adore him. We talked for a good bit and then did a few exercises. They were so simple but they kicked my ass. We went back home and hung out for a bit. Mind you, just getting me from the house to the car and back again is a production. I use Little Guy to get to the kitchen, then I use Joe to help me down the steps. Then I go back to Little Guy to get to the car. Then, when we get to Carle, I use Big Red because she has a seat if I have to stop and take a break while walking. It takes a village of mobility aids, people.

We had to go to the main hospital to meet with Palliative Care. I had a really rough time getting there even though it wasn’t that far to walk. A volunteer kindly offered to push me in a wheelchair and I finally gave in. I hate it but it’s also such a relief. Ernie just trotted along with Big Red. I tell you, I just never saw this shit coming. We loved the folks at Palliative Care and it will be good to have them overseeing things. They had some suggestions for managing his pain. They will try to mostly check in with him when he’s getting an infusion so we don’t have extra doctor appointments. They also made a point to find out some things about him as a person, which was refreshing.

I managed to walk back to the entrance with a lot of breaks and we sped home, stopping at Schnuck’s for emergency rations. We got home and ohhhhh it was not easy getting up those stairs. BUT, I did it.

I think I was sound asleep by 8:30 last night.

Onward. Onward to Jon Byrd & Paul Niehaus. It’s our house concert swan song so don’t miss it! A week from today!!

2 thoughts on “For those following along

  1. Thank God for mobility aids but getting home must have felt SO good!!!! And thank God for palliative care. So wonderful that they wanted to know Ernie as a person!! Love to you both. 💖💖💖

  2. The paniculata hydrangea looks great! At least there are gorgeous flowers to see when you come home (& no fair looking at the weeds…)
    Those ice cream cones look delish!