Not too much I can add to these pictures other than we have the best friends, and DAMN can they ever grow tomatoes. Drought, schmout. Heather and Steve—you are masters and we adore you.

It was that big guy on the right that screamed “DINNER!”
Bacon, arugula, tomato, mayo (Hellman’s!), salt, and pepper on gluten free bread (Canyon Bakehouse in the freezer section). Astounding.
The incredible flavor of the tomato almost overwhelmed the bacon, but don’t worry, it snuck in there.
Just heavenly.
And yeah, we had to have chips with it. Ernie’d been on a real chip kick in the last year. I think it started when he couldn’t taste stuff very well. It’s worn off and we hadn’t had chips in ages. Delightful.
I wasn’t going to post this as I’ve posted it so many times before, but this is a particularly delightful performance.

Onward to Jon Byrd & Paul Niehaus and the Sandwich Life House Concerts Swan Song on Saturday!

The spreadsheet has been activated. Preparation has begun!!!

Join us for the last Sandwich Life House Concert. ❤️