This rollercoaster never ends. Although I guess when it ends, well, it really ends so perhaps I shouldn’t complain.

I’m here sitting in my corner and my baby is at Carle. I hate not being there with him but I just couldn’t manage my legs this morning and I’m sore and achy from falling yesterday. Yep, I did this slow, graceful (if I do say so myself) fall yesterday afternoon as I stood with Joe. I think I was even holding Ernie’s hand and right next to the couch but my knees just slowly buckled and down I went. I didn’t hit my head on the floor which was nice, but the real issue was getting up. I won’t begin to try to document the screams of frustration and pain. I finally managed to get on my knees and turn around and kind of back into the trunk we use as a coffee table. It’s low so I was able to get onto that and from there stand.

The worst thing about it? Far worse than the bruises and aches is the fear.

This morning was rough on both of us so eventually I sent him off on his own. I hated it because he was hurting and it was too early for valet parking. I instructed him just to leave the car in the circle, get his bloodwork and go back and give them his keys. Then onto his appointment with Vasireddy. I was there on speakerphone. So, we’re going to try some new pain medication and the poor man has to get three MRI’s. He gets platelets today and then more bloodwork for Barnes. We shall see.

The one bright shining light? He’s in Pod Four and even took a selfie for me. God, I love him.

And in other important news, Buster II (although we just call him Buster) has bloomed (photo at top). There is also another group of them coming along. We call them the Busterettes.

Look at the size of some of the Busterettes’ leaves!

Yesterday, one neighbor mowed our lawn and another brought us dinner. We are indeed blessed. Would I like to adjust the blessings a bit? Ohhhhh, yeah, but I guess you work with what you’ve got.

Onward. Love to all.

One thought on “July 13, 2023

  1. My dear Cynthia and Ernie, please know that you are in my heart today and every day. Be gentle with you.