OK. Forgive me for venting yesterday. Today is minimally better. We finally managed to get a short supply of the morphine despite the insurance company and pharmacy. It’s helping a bit.

Last night we holed up and got mad at each other because we’re mad at the world. Got over that, cried a little and ordered pizza that was definitely not worth the money.

I know I shouldn’t get pepperoni because it has garlic in it but damn, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Sadly it was not worth it.

We finally unpacked the glass that our friend Connie, who is Eileen’s sister, brought down on, damn, I guess it was only Thursday. It was wonderful to see Connie after so many years. Beautiful, smart and very kind. When I became estranged from Eileen I also lost her family. She brought me some of the EAPG pattern Eileen had collected, Roman Key. It is gorgeous and elegant and means a lot to me to have it. Thank you with all my heart, Connie.

Yesterday, Ernie got an infusion that will hopefully bump up his hemoglobin. Monday he gets bloodwork and then later in the week I hopefully can make it to my physical therapy appointment. Thursday morning I sent a message to my doctor’s office saying that I’d had a fall and several near falls and wasn’t sure whether I could even get to my upcoming physical therapy appointment. The next morning I got a question about numbness/tingling. I answered. Then at 4:49 pm (on a Friday) I got a message saying they could have the the receptionist reach out to schedule a visit, or I could visit convenient care over the weekend. Spectacularly unhelpful. Am I crazy? Isn’t that spectacularly unhelpful? I don’t expect anyone to have a magic answer, but maybe SOME sort of suggestion? Eh, damned if I know.

Ernie also has an appointment next week with palliative care to help him with pain medication and side effects.

Thanks to all that filled out my form for possible ride assistance. Thank you more than I can say. Just seeing your names made me a bit teary.

The house concert is still on, don’t worry. We may need a tad more assistance getting ready but we’ll see. I guess it may be our swan song. Another reason not to miss it.

Onward. And thanks and love to all.

2 thoughts on “Poking our heads out

  1. I’m glad you have Eileen’s glass. How kind of Connie to give it to you. As for the Dr’s office-remember what I always say-doctors are stupid!!! (Except for Vasireddy, of course.) Remember the surgeon who asked Mom if she could just hop with her walker? Surgeons are really stupid (said the medical nurse!) Enjoy your house concert. You deserve it!!!

  2. As if the very nice people at convenient care have the skills to assist you in a real way right now?!? (Oh, I could rant, having endured some really spectacular and unhelpful telephone and in-person appts that were not helpful in the least or covered, despite being shunted that way by the insurance company.) Glad for the palliative care appointment for E because that (I hope) will bring some ease for you both.