Well, I managed to drive Ernie to the Cancer Center for bloodwork yesterday. Woo-hooo! Platelets were up, hemoglobin still low.

My doctor’s office called me so I have an appointment on Thursday. I haven’t fallen again and wonder if I should even go. Eh.

Zucchini doesn’t get enough credit. I love zucchini. I took three zucchini, diced them up, sautéed them slowly in olive oil, added some anchovy paste, salt and a lot of black pepper and parmesan and put it over pasta. The next night we had leftovers with fried eggs on top.

It doesn’t really make sense to be proud of a plant, does it? I can’t help it, I am so proud of Buster (and the Busterettes of course). Ernie even admitted that he talks to Buster and sometimes pats him encouragingly and tells him he’s doing great. As I have noted many times in the past, I love my husband. Oh, and look, Buster has a new friend!

Hattie and I have become Jigsaw Widows. We’re ok with it though because it’s fun to see Ernie so immersed in them. Many thanks to Chris and Sarah for the puzzles!