I had the loveliest of birthdays. Ok, nothing could compete with last year ❤️ but this was perfect too. It was the opposite end of the spectrum, a quiet day with loved ones. Ernie made biscuits (with cheese and bacon and mustard) and both boys chimed in with birthday wishes. I think Leo and Ernie wanted to take me to lunch but honestly, I didn’t want to stress out about walking and walkers and the like so instead I requested a viewing of an Indiana Jones movie. Leo and Ernie and I curled up and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We did miss Owen, who was working, but it was delightful. Any time I can curl up with my boys I am supremely happy.

Teri and Brian stopped by just after the triumphant finale of Indy and his father. They brought flowers and wonderful snacks and it felt so good to catch up. Then, later, Heather brought a wonderful drawing by Eva, more tomatoes and BLUEBERRIES from their yard.

I got wonderful messages from so many beloved folks (sorry, I missed your call Debbie!) and they meant so much to me. Ernie made me absolutely perfect salmon and vegetables for dinner.

This morning for breakfast I had some leftover salmon with a piece of buttered toast and it was heavenly. I prefer salmon somewhat rare and Ernie nailed it.

I also sent out an email to my Sandwich Life email list to let them know that the Jon Byrd/Paul Niehaus show on Saturday will be our house concert swan song. I’ll admit to tearing up as I wrote it and Ernie did the same when I made him proofread it. It’s a painful step to make but it makes sense and it’s a bit of a relief too. I’m not saying we’ll never have a pop up show again, but the heyday of Sandwich Life House Concerts is coming to an end. I hope lots of folks can make this last show to celebrate. It will be a great night.

Onward. Love to all.

One thought on “That was a win!

  1. awwww….damn it, I forgot it was your birthday! whoops. Glad to hear you had a lovely day. Many happy returns of the day, Cynthia! xo