I thought I would be incredibly sad and feeling bereft after the show. Somewhat unexpectedly, and most fortunately, I feel at peace with it. It probably helps that I was utterly exhausted the day after. Maybe, maybe not. And the messages and videos that folks sent have really stayed with me.

The PA and speakers are still up and I kinda hate that Owen and friends are coming to get them tomorrow. I feel wistful but I keep reminding myself that we can still entertain and we can still have a show occasionally. The worst part is catching myself saying, “Oh, we should have them back,” or, “They’d be great at a house concert.” Even though we hadn’t really been doing shows since the pandemic, the mindset was still there.

Onward, as I like to say. Right now I’m enjoying the grey misty day.

Oh, yes, and I still have some thank you to get out…slow but steady….

Might be the best year ever for tomato sandwiches.
a salad of corn, tomatoes, beans and jalapeno, topped with salmon
Panzanella inspired: gluten free toasted gnocchi tossed with gorgeous tomatoes.
As always, the girl is watching over everything.
Happy birthday to my late and much loved mother in law 💙


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