The Cancer Center called yesterday and said that Barnes wanted Ernie to get an infusion of platelets today. We both groaned but yeah, ok. For some unknown reason I thought it wouldn’t take long. Why on earth that went through my head I don’t know.

We left here around 10:30 and got there on time. However they were so full we had to wait for a chair in the infusion suite to open up. I don’t think the platelets got delivered until 12:30 or after. We finally got done around 2:00 but had to sit there another hour so they could do more bloodwork. For some reason, well, for many reasons I suppose, it just wore us out. We were out of there shortly after 3 pm. Not the worst but it just felt long and exhausting.

Dinner last night. Crispy chicken thighs with Old Bay corn and those luscious yellow tomatoes I love so much. Didn’t really think about color. So much for eating the rainbow but it did taste like lots of beautiful colors.

Jeff is in my mind and my heart constantly.


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