Let’s focus on something simple that doesn’t send my mind down roads it doesn’t want to go. Maybe my mind is like Ernie and hates gravel roads, or then again, maybe, in the words of the great Jimmie Dale Gilmore, my mind has a mind of its own.

You have to turn the volume way up and Jimmie Dale of course rambles a bit…

Ernie doesn’t seem to properly appreciate the magic of Beer Nuts, but the other day he thought I needed a treat and brought these home.

I may have created my best frozen pizza yet. We rarely order out these days but we do occasionally resort to frozen pizza. Sometimes after one of those long days in the infusion suite, it’s about all we can manage. My favorite frozen pizza of late is a sourdough pizza. If sourdough is TRUE sourdough (no yeast) it tends not to bother people with gluten or wheat sensitivities. It’s called Alex’s Amazing Sourdough which is available locally at Harvest Market. They have cheese or cheese with mushroom (which looks good but mushrooms sadly don’t like me). They are all organic without any weird additives. I ignore the directions on all frozen pizzas and just bake them at 500 degrees. The other night we sprinkled red pepper flakes, a good bit of arugula, and then some grated mozzarella on top of our sourdough cheese pizza before baking it. IT. WAS. SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

This was a dinner that wasn’t bad, wasn’t great. We had a little bit of pepperoni so I diced it up and then browned the gluten free gnocchi in it, as well as corn and arugula on it and topped it with fresh tomato and parmesan.

Ernie went to the farmers’ market with Heather this morning and brought back treats even better than Beer Nuts.

That’s another incredible tomato from the Campbell-Munson garden AND a gluten free cinnamon roll from Reg Cakes! It was ridiculously good. It was the perfect size, leaving you wanting more but happy. As Ernie said, “those flavors are going to reverberate all day.” He also scraped the last of the frosting out with his finger which is one of the most unErnie like things I’ve ever seen.

A sandwich on gluten free bread (this is from Northwood Bakery. It’s good although I don’t like it as much as the Canyon Bakehouse BUT it’s $3 cheaper). The filling is leftover roast chicken thigh with smoked paprika, the ever present arugula and a bit of mayo. Tomatoes instead strawberries on the side. Our Buffalo Pottery blue willow restaurant plates are the perfect size for things like this.

Ok, that’s my food roundup. Tonight we’re having salmon with some kind of rice dish I come up with using leftover rice. We shall see.