It’s been two weeks since our last show and I still haven’t sent some of my thank you notes. It’s the last thing I need to do and I think that’s why I’m putting it off. Our living room and dining room are finally back to normal (laundry and jigsaw puzzles back on the table, etc). Owen, Duncan and Luke came over and got the speakers and PA and they brought all the chairs back downstairs (thank you guys). Now all I have to do is send my notes.

I’ve been dragging the last couple of days but yesterday afternoon I came across a couple of Aaron Lee Tasjan videos from the Chicago show that Owen, Trinity, Duncan and Luke were all at. I played the first one and was utterly delighted to see Trinity singing along and Duncan smiling. Then I watched the video for Dime and there were Owen and Duncan doing the claps at the right time and man, I must have watched it twenty times. So beautiful and I understood exactly how they felt. You see a wisp of Trinity and then Luke standing behind Owen and Duncan. It turned my day around and good GOD but Aaron Lee sounded good. I think his voice is getting stronger all the time. Damn, I just love him.

Just click on the screenshots to go to the videos.

Tomato season continues via Heather and Steve. Lord but we’re lucky.

We planned to make the dish below all week. Finally, on Friday we did it. It was cobbled together from several recipes, spaghetti with shrimp, corn, fresh tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and parmesan. Oh, and lots of fresh basil. It was good although I wouldn’t bother with corn again, even though it was really good corn it got a little lost. And we must have cooked the spaghetti a minute or so too long as it was broken. The gluten free pasta tends to do that. It really came down to the shrimp (dusted with salt and cornstarch and sautéed in olive oil), the red pepper flakes, and the copious amount of basil. It was the peppery green taste of the basil that made it and stayed with me.

There’s just something Ernie with an ice cream cone. And just look at the elaborate shape he has licked his cone into. It reminded me of the painting below.

Just as there are only a few people allowed to call me Cyndi, there are only a few allowed to call me Bert, and we love them both very much. Thanks for the beautiful note, Kieran and Rayna. 🧡

So onward, with a little vicarious pleasure and some home grown tomatoes tucked in my pocket.

Maybe I’ll finally do my thank you’s now.

Love to all.