It all comes down to the music, right? It’s why we started this journey. It’s what has fed us for so many years. The music is what it’s all about and it couldn’t possibly have been better Saturday night. We’ve had a few standing ovations over the years but not that many (now I’m trying to remember what shows) but the standing ovation the other night was heartfelt and immediate.

The combination of Jon’s beautiful sad songs, his remarkable voice and Paul’s pedal steel as a full partner in it all was just sweet heaven. Throw in a dash of charm, and the rapport of two musicians that play together every week and it was, well hell, it was perfect. Just damn perfect. Thank you with all my heart, Jon and Paul.

We’d asked Jon to play Silent Night (his song, not the traditional carol) as we love it so. Damned if we didn’t cry through it all. Peggy kindly finally brought Ernie some tissue. Or maybe that was during Teri and Bob reading messages (another post to come). Our beloved Peter Cooper described Jon as the best pure country singer in Nashville. Peter was always right about things like that.

We’ve known Jon for a while but didn’t know Paul and what a delight he turned out to be. Just a lovely, interesting, funny person. Another friend. This is one of the best things about house concerts.

Owen had set up the sound (only fair since he seems to have inherited the PA). He had told me he might just stay for the first set, after making sure everything was going ok. Who was sitting in the front row until the very last song of the second set? Yup, my sweet pea. And he wouldn’t leave until he got a picture with Jon. Side note: I fear Owen has inherited my habit of smiling nonstop when the music is good.

I love this picture of Delsie, Owen and Trinity, along with so many other loved ones.
Love this. Jon and Carrie.

I completely forgot (my brain pretty much shut off mid afternoon) to tell folks we still have t-shirts. Yell if you’d like one. Yours for a donation of any amount!

If you didn’t pick up any Jon Byrd merch, you still can!

I sort of wish we’d recorded the show but maybe it’s best to keep it as a golden memory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jon and Paul.

It was a perfect, beautiful note to go out on.

Top photo by Eva, Carrie and Jon by Teri McCarthy and Owen photos by Trinity and I’m guessing Delsie!. Videos by Teri McCarthy

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  1. I would love a tshirt. Large, unless the fit of the large is smaller, then an XL instead. Let me know what I need to do to purchase. My best to you all…