Up at 5:45. Out of bed at 6:15. Hit the cancer center at about 6:45. Saw Vasireddy and spent some time in an almost empty infusion suite. Keytruda done. Driving away at 8:30 we get a call scheduling us for an 11:30 appointment. Ugh. Ok. Went home, had breakfast. Napped for about fifteen minutes. Palliative Care called for a phone visit. They want him to try going without the hydrocodone and see if the morphine alone will take care of the pain. Ok. Headed back to Carle. Met with the radiologist. After a fair amount of discussion he concluded that it could do more harm than good to the area as it has already had radiation several times. If something pops up elsewhere we can consider radiation then. I was pleased. Drove home. I attempted to get some work done. Now I’m ready for someone to bring me my slippers along with a cocktail. Maybe they’ll cook dinner too.