Does time seem to be speeding up for anyone else? When I wake up I peer out my window and it seems so strange to see leaves already changing in spots. Then I pull a dress over my head, grab Joe (my shillelagh) and get up to look out the other window toward the field and see a few yellow leaves here and there on the ground. I always pause on the stair landing and survey the patio. It’s full of morning glories these days, as well as zucchini, zinnias and Buster. Most of my morning glory seedlings got eaten but the Grandpa Ott’s never give up so they are there and there is a lovely bright pink one as well. I never understood why people called morning glory weeds until somebody gave me some Grandpa Ott’s seeds. When I finish clumping down the stairs I peer out that window and see that my ornamental grass is flowering too. As I said to Heather today, summer has been particularly fleeting this year for me.

Friday was my second aquatic physical therapy. It went great. Man, it’s nice to be in the water. I did more exercises and more reps and then it was time to get out of the pool. The first time I had gotten up most of the steps but couldn’t do the last one so had to do the weird chairlift. I was determined to make that last step on Friday. It seemed like it must be fear holding me back. The angle of the railing change at the top and of course they are wet and slippery but if I manage to get up the stairs to bed every night I should be able to do it. Well, I guess sometimes when I don’t think I can do something, I should listen to myself. I went for that damn last step and promptly fell, smashed my shin on the stairs and tipped back and went under the water. The physical therapist was in the pool in a flash and I got myself back up but I admit it was a bit of a jolt to the system. One of those things that felt more traumatic than it actually was. Off to the little chairlift I went. My leg is fine, just sore and my bruise is developing beautifully! Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be trying to go up the stairs on my next appointment. I’ll give myself a bit of a break before trying again.

Buster just keeps Bustering.

Let’s see, in other news Ernie has to get his damned kidney stent replaced again. We had a phone call with his urologist (who is sadly retiring–for some reason I like urologists) this morning. Despite all these rather dull happenings, we do have some exciting news to share…just have to wait a few more days. ARGH.

A foraged dinner that ended up coming together. Long forgotten steak from the freezer along with eggs, toast and tomatoes.
Semi-Indian lemon rice with sweet potatoes, red pepper and zucchini.
Fall comfort food: sweet potatoes roasted with chicken. The chicken was fine but it’s really all about the chicken-y sweet potatoes for me. Roasting pan, 425 degrees, a couple of chicken thighs, salt and pepper, chopped sweet potatoes nestled between the pieces. 40-50 minutes depending on how crowded the pan is.