I am utterly overjoyed to announce that Leo and Tal were married yesterday! I am extraordinarily happy for them (we adore Tal and she and Leo together are wonderful) but I don’t know if I expected to be so giddy with happiness.

As Leo is here and Tal still in England they were married online. Yes, it is possible! Evidently, during the pandemic most states allowed this. Most of them have since rolled it back but one county in Utah still does it! Now they can start the immigration process as a married couple. And thankfully, Tal is moving here. I would have been 100% supportive if it were the reverse but I am of course selfishly happy that they will both be here.

Leo, Tal, and a handful of friends and family gathered on Zoom yesterday and watched them say I do. I did indeed tear up. It was utterly perfect (apart from the fact they weren’t in the same country)!

Tal will be visiting in just two weeks so we will be having a little gathering then to celebrate. I can’t wait, wait, wait!

A very happy mother-in-law

dinner at Ann and Bob’s last time Tal visited

Onward! Happily onward!

Top photo: L to R top row: officiant, Leo, Trinity and Owen, Jade, Tal’s witness, middle row: Tal’s father and grandfather (unfortunately her mother was just out of frame at that moment), Ernie and me (yes, I’m getting teary), Reese, Leo’s witness, and Tal, bottom row: Ann and Bob, and Sophie. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the faces of Sarah and Ryn, Tal’s sisters but they were there!

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