I just walked, er, walkered into the media room. I sat down and chatted to Hattie who was attempting to clean herself. She went off to sit in the window and I noted that it smelled a bit. I looked down at my dress and there was fresh cat poop sitting on it. I swear to God I don’t know how it got there. I tried to come up with various scenarios but it started getting too weird for me so I stopped. I guess it could be worse. I haven’t even told you about my friend who found her rabbit’s eyeball in her water dish. Could be worse.

Honest to God. I may be reaching my limit, walking on cat poop is one thing and Lord only knows it’s not particularly pleasant, but having it just appear on you? I just don’t know. Oh, Hattiegirl.

Despite all that I am feeling pretty damned proud of myself today because I successfully completed my first aquatic therapy session yesterday. Woo-hoooo! Applause, applause! And of course everybody was right, it was great. I do love being in water and I was able to do soooooo much more than I could otherwise. I hurt like hell last night…well, I still do, but it’s a good kind of hurting. Thank you for the encouragement.

I found this old picture of Owen and Ernie and it made me positively weak with pleasure. I loved that sweater on Owen. Leo had no interest in stuffed animals (well, except eventually for a stuffed lobster and some stuffed pikmin) but Owen? Owen LOVED to snuggle with people, stuffed animals, pets….the boy is just a born snuggler. And look at Ernie’s hair!

The rabbits or squirrels or Chuck…who knows….are eating our zucchini so we picked some babies. Baby zucchini that is. We ended up using some in one of my favorite recipes, the NYT Black Pepper Turmeric Chicken and Asparagus except that we did it with shrimp and our little zucchini friends. I don’t know if I’d do it with shrimp again…I think it works better with the chicken thigh but the zucchini was fantastic. It was cooked just through so it still had some bite. Delightful.

We’d planned to make it the night before but my stomach was kinda off. I wanted comfort food and my boy made it for me. Gluten free spaghetti with the last of the tomato confit with some corn and pecorino romana added in. The corn gave a nice sweet pop against the slightly smoky tomatoes.

Why is it I hate musicals but love opera?

Early day at the Cancer Center tomorrow for some Keytruda.