The other day I said to Ernie, you really can’t save tomatoes. So now this is now stuck in my head. Brilliant album, by the way (and only $10 for the download).

We had a lovely time last night having dinner with dear friend Robay (more on that later). We got home and curled up and God help us, we watched the end of the People’s Choice Country Awards. I ask you, who thought this was a good idea? “I know, we’ll build a little house and you guys can sit on it while you sing.” It amused the hell out of me.

I found Little Big Town as hosts downright painful BUT our beloved Jelly Roll won some awards so we were happy!

I couldn’t sleep last night even with a pain pill in me. Why is it if I take one in the day they make me so sleepy yet they don’t help me sleep? Regardless, every time I woke up I had that little glow that comes after a good evening.

It may have taken some time but we have achieved zinnia and morning glory abundance and it makes me stupidly happy.

Buster is hanging on but he and the Busterettes are getting tired.

We had a lovely evening with our beloved Boo and Doug last week. Did I get any pictures of us all? Nope, but got the table. Their backyard is a heavenly little retreat and being with old friends feels like a retreat as well.

There are times when it seems like there’s nothing in the house for dinner and then, magically, there is. Gluten free penne with the last of the summer tomatoes, a little butter and arugula, topped with an egg. Pretty damn intoxicating for something so simple.