I have been completely discombobulated the last few days. We went to St. Louis. Ernie got his last treatment. He was supposed to get a scan late in the day so we went ahead and got a motel but when we got to Barnes they told us no scan. Gee, thanks for letting us know.

There’s always a certain level of anxiety with this stuff and so we don’t enjoy the time down there even though we love St. Louis. It was just an inordinately stupid day. Nothing terrible, just a day in which not a god damned thing went smoothly. My walking wasn’t very good on top of that which was a little stressful. In one of my finer moments I managed to scream, “For fuck’s sake, open the door,” in a parking lot just as a family was getting into the car next to ours. Oh well. Win some, lose some, right?

We meandered our way home, following old alignments of Route 66 for part of the way.

In other news, yesterday Hattie burst her anal gland and Leo lost his job.

That was not in order of importance by the way.


He will be there until the end of the year hopefully but will obviously start looking for work right away. He’s been doing warehouse/returns but is open to lots of other things. He will have glowing references and is a smart, responsible hard worker. And he’s sweet, sarcastic and very funny to boot. Please yell if you know of anything or have suggestions.

Hattie is going through a rough phase, not sure what’s going to happen there. We may be reaching the end of our rope.

I’m just a bundle of joy today, huh?