I’m trying to fight sleepiness and wondering if I should give in and take a nap. I hate to.

I had an early appointment with a neurologist today. My doctor wanted to rule out any neurological reason for my mobility issues. The neurologist thought everything seemed fine and that I seemed very strong. She also commented that I seemed tough. It’s the Polly Voelkl in me. Me and Hattie I guess. Oh my Mom hated it when I said “Me and…” I had a childhood friend named Ellen and I was always saying, “Me and Ellen,” and she’d sigh and say, “Ellen and I!” It became a running joke between us. Well, me and Hattie, we’re tough.

I was somehow in the need of comfort food when we got home and Ernie provided it with a perfect egg, cheese, and arugula sandwich.

I’m not sure how much longer we can deal with Hattie and her issues. Yet when I verbalized that, Ernie and I both started to cry. “There’s too much death,” he said as wiped his eyes.

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Last night we had leftovers….the pasta with tomato confit along with the corn and the prince leftovers tossed in. Damned dellicious.

In other news, Ernie had to finally give in and sadly throw out his favorite shirt.