Well, Leo’s theory is that Ernie and I both had food poisoning and over the years I have found, sometimes to my dismay, that Leo is often right. Who knows, but it most definitely was a lost weekend between that and Ernie’s various other things. By yesterday evening we had both recovered enough to eat normal dinner (chicken thighs roasted with sweet potatoes and some sliced tomato) although I won’t knock our Saturday dinner of plain pasta with a tiny bit of butter.

We watched a stupid amount of tv, dozed (I happily gave in, he fought it all the way but in the end, we both dozed). He did crosswords and I did my Spelling Bee, although I’m really bad at it when I’m not feeling well. Yesterday afternoon, when we were both starting to feel a bit better I was curled up in the media room kind of half reading, half watching tv, Ernie was jigsaw puzzling in the dining room, it was raining outside and we were sort of yelling back and forth to each other every so often. It was lovely. So despite everything, there were very good moments.

Hattie? Damn, I don’t know. She’s started sometimes peeing outside the box. I mean, she gets IN the box, just not far enough. A for effort though. I love that girl so much. We shall see. Another weeks adventure awaits us.


From the great Danny and Dusty album, The Lost Weekend, from 1985.