I’m losing a year off my life every few minutes as Ernie talks to Health Alliance billing, then Washington University Physician billing, now Health Alliance again. Tick, tick, tick. POOF…another year…there it goes down the stress drain.

I sit here feeding Ernie information and dates and numbers as needed and doing things like messaging our hotel for tomorrow night that it would be helpful if I could get an accessible bathroom and a room near the elevator to minimize walking because I forgot to do that when I booked it. How is this possibly my life?

In other news, I found out from my friend Diana that Jelly Belly created candy corn, although it was then known as Goelitz Confectionery Company, and that it was my beloved Jim Eyre’s favorite Halloween candy. This delighted me. Then, in the middle of the night, because I could not sleep for SHIT last night, I read that Ferrara Pan Candy is buying Jelly Belly. For some unknown reason this made me sad.

We are now taking a break from customer billing calls because Ernie was about to implode. I just watched as another few years of my life rolled away.

Ok, we’re on call 3. This time Ernie is staying calm and I’m the one losing my shit. I’m doing it quietly however, just making faces and waving my hands in the air.

Of course…..Health Alliance says it’s Washington University Physician’s fault. Washington University says it’s Health Alliance’s fault and they want their money. Now Health Alliance again says it’s Washington University Physician’s fault.

We are on hold.